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CEO Letter

Mr. Jamal Jawhari 

SAFID was founded 35 years ago with a clear vision to be the leader in HVAC solutions across the region.  Over the past 26 years I have seen SAFID grow to produce a complete indoor air solutions and products under one roof with a strong workforce contributing to the overall prosperity of the Kingdom and the wider region. Improving the quality of life for customers, employees and end users is what we do best.

From the beginning, we wanted to offer a service that went beyond that of a general HVAC supplier – something that still drives us today. Through innovation, reliability and spotting the right opportunity at the right time, SAFID has become the ‘go-to’ indoor air-solutions company in the region. Today, we have the ability to manufacture a complete range of products anywhere in the region based on ISO Certification, SMACNA, ASHRAE, and many international standards. We guarantee all the international certifications across our range of products, ensuring our suppliers meet the same high standards we value as a company. 

Our offering has evolved to include a complete range of products and accessories for commercial and industrial air distribution. This is a direct result of our investment in a dedicated state of the art R&D lab which is our incubator for innovation. This enables us to work alongside customers in the concept and planning phase to provide a bespoke product, ensuring best use of technology and space available.

Complete ownership of our supply chain  and manufacturing process means that we offer reliability, speed of delivery and long-term productivity. ‘Just-in-time’ technology has set us apart from our competitors. Our customers know that they are receiving the best quality products, delivered on time and to exact specifications.

The major contributor to SAFID’s success is without a doubt our employees who are based around the region and who are the backbone of this company. I am proudly confident in our team and rely on them daily to ensure the Company’s ongoing success. Through our policy of retention and promotion from within, we are able to leverage our employees’ experience and skills to manufacture to the highest, consistent standard for our customers.

I look forward to working together, growing together and creating opportunities so that we can all share in the success of SAFID.