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Chairman Letter



 Sheikh Mohammed al Rahbani

SAFID is a company that believes in people as much as its products. By people we mean our employees, end users, and current and potential customers. At the end of the day, without people, what do we have? We have cities made up of empty homes, offices, apartments, factories, and towers.

It was with this people–driven attitude that we created SAFID. We started out as a 60 person company in 1979 with a production area of 2250m2 and the ability to produce a single type of air duct. From the start, my father and I saw a bigger picture and shared a vision. We wanted to create a profound legacy for the cities we all live in, and that drove us to be the producer of world class products that improve quality of life.

We have built a solid business foundation on customer needs and demands, investing in the right people, choosing the most suitable growth markets, expanding at the right time in the right way, and investing in the best technology available. At SAFID we are supporting the region’s aspirations for a private-sector driven economy through creating strategic and lasting partnerships, which have continued to provide great opportunity for growth.

We have a strong product base. We have invested in competitive advantage, and we have the culture of ‘SAFID delivers’. We demonstrate every day that, through innovation and energy efficiency, we can meet societal needs profitably with minimal harm to the environment. We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen.

At SAFID we like to work together. We see the future as interesting, exciting and filled with opportunity. The Middle Eastern landscape has and will continue to change. So too will SAFID. We see ourselves as being a major part of the mega–projects taking place across the region. Competition and growth propels us forward.  We are a leader in the HVAC sector with the ambition to capitalise on international markets in the near future.

SAFID is a success story. We are investing in our people as well as our technology. We have learnt from the lessons of the past to focus on being one step ahead of the future. We will continue to bring you affordable, clean and sustainably produced healthy air - wherever you may need it.