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Our Story

SAFID, was established in 1979 as a joint venture company between the Rahbani Group and the NOKIA Company of Finland. SAFID started its operations and production with a clear objective to develop and manufacture air distribution products based on the latest technological advancement and expertise in the field. Initially, Spiral, Round and Flat Oval Ducts were manufactured at SAFID.

Today, SAFID has diversified into new products, including Rectangular Ducts, Double Wall Spiral and Oval, Industrial Products, Dampers, Louvers, Air Terminals, VAVs, Attenuaters, Flexible Ducts, Air Handling Units, etc. This is all backed by more than 30 years of experience along with a state-of-the-art acoustic and aerodynamic laboratory lead by our active R&D Department.

 Some Key Dates in the history of SAFID

  • 1979: The Rahbani Group and NOKIA establish Saudi Finn Ducting Company Limited (SAFID), with 60 employees and a production area of 2250 m2
  • 1980: The first Spiral Duct rolls off the production lines at SAFID’s facility in Riyadh.  
  • 1986: SAFID launches Rectangular Ducts into production to raise its market share.  
  • 1989: SAFID signs a license agreement with DEC (Dutch Environmental Corporation) to manufacture Flexible Ducts.  
  • 1992: SAFID becomes a 100% Saudi Company.  
  • 1999: SAFID signs a license agreement with the recognized duct manufacturer LINDAB to further expand its product range and expertise.  
  • 2003: SAFID builds its state-of-the-art R&D / Acoustic laboratory, the largest and one of the most advanced in the region.  
  • 2004: SAFID successfully gets certified with the "ISO 9001-2000" for meeting the requirements of ISO’s latest standard.  
  • 2005: SAFID kick-starts an expansion campaign and the main facility in Riyadh gets a major revamp.
    SAFID expands its facilities in UAE to increase production capabilities for Dampers and Ductwork.  
  • 2006: SAFID establishes a new duct facility in Jeddah to meet the demands of the Western Region’s market. 
    SAFID crosses borders and builds a new duct facility in Qatar. 
    SAFID invests further in the Riyadh facility expansions and torques up production as demand grows.
    SAFID crosses borders and builds a new duct facility in Qatar.  
  • Today: SAFID has the ability to manufacture a complete range of products and accessories for commercial and industrial air distribution based on SMACNA, DIN & BS Standards. It has evolved to become the leading duct manufacturer in the Gulf.