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Our Team

Taking its long-term employment policy to heart, SAFID continues to invest in its most valuable element and factor of success, the "Human Resource." Hence, regular training programs are provided to supervisors and production engineers to ensure the smooth execution of manufacturing.

The SAFID team is supported by over 40 production and sales engineers, along with many supervisors and foremen, and backed by qualified R&D, Quality Control and Marketing Departments. Moreover, the IT Department has developed numerous in-house software programs that have succeeded in linking various departments and guaranteed the weaving of a professional control tool through the production process, thus providing a better service to clients.

 Safid currently employs in the GCC area a total work force of over 900 highly qualified staff distributed on the departments as follows:

 • Sales, Production & Engineering Department: 40 Engineers

• Factory & Production Supervisors: 22

• R&D Department: 3

• Administrative Staff and Employees: 17

• Production Labor: 800